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Yessss! 4D Puzzle 4you!

Yessss! 4D Puzzle 4you!

Are you up for the challenge Yessss!

The game is played on 432 different levels of difficulty, with more than 22,000 possible solutions, so it is suitable for everyone - for every age, every IQ, for "fast" or "slow" people - everyone will find his challenge - again and again!

An ideal travel companion

Yessss! can be played anytime and anywhere (home, car, train, airplane, beach, etc.), it has a high educational value, is a great alternative to TV and computer program (-play), stimulates the memory, patience , concentration and self-control, spatial awareness, independent learning, logical and three-dimensional thinking, the interplay between left and right hemisphere (colors and shapes). Especially hyperactive children love this game very much.


Two Yessss! pyramid puzzle for two players simultaneously
5 Exercise books in German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, some with solutions
A 3-minute hourglass
To indicate a box of colored pencils for the solution in the task books
Würfelbox a lottery for the mode (Irregular tasks)
A total of 432 tasks in simple to some very serious levels
A total of 22,000 possible solutions


Who knows our cards must know, that these cards are not automatically included!

Who wants to receive cards, can order it separately (item 401402 and 401403).

CHF 99.00  
7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Product no.:400000
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